Checklist to evaluate FAIRness of data(sets)
You would like to deposit one or several dataset(s) at a digital repository but you are not sure whether the information you provide is sufficient and in line with the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)? This checklist helps you assess the quality (FAIRness) of your dataset(s) and the trustworthiness of the repository that you have chosen.

The assessment will cover four levels:
1. The data repository you are planning to use
2. The metadata with which you describe your dataset
3. The dataset itself
4. The data files of which your dataset consists

This checklist, furthermore, draws upon two core concepts: that of the trustworthy repository and that of FAIR data. The CoreTrustSeal (CTS) Data Repository Certification ( is taken as an example for certified trustworthy repositories. Repositories with such a certification are to a large degree already compliant with the FAIR principles. A list of CTS-certified repositories can be found here:
More information about FAIR and the principles per character is provided on the website of the Go-FAIR initiative:

The checklist consists of 7 sections including a feedback section at the end. The structure of the questions per letters will be as follows:
- Data repository: 1 question

- Findablility (F): 3 questions
- Accessability (A): 1 question
- Interoperability (I): 2 questions
- Reusability (R): 3 questions

- Addidional question: 1 question
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