The Artist's Other Jobs Survey
My name is David. I'm an Artist/Curator/Restaurant Manager based in Glasgow. I list all of my job roles as one, as I feel it is important to highlight the balancing of different types of work which has become the norm for how a great number of artists operate in Scotland.

Creative Scotland's Visual Arts Sector Review in 2016(1) revealed that 42 % of respondents (consisting of artists and art sector workers) worked in additional jobs outside of the visual arts to supplement their income. A third of these respondents work four days or more per week in their 'other' job.

I wish to investigate the extent of this issue further by reaching out to artists who balance their practice with jobs in other sectors to respond to the short, simple survey below. Building upon the initial information received from this survey I plan to organise various events across Scotland as a means to further highlight issues surrounding artists' low pay and needs for time and space.

(1) Creative Scotland. Creative Scotland Visual Arts Sector Review. Creative Scotland, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Oct 2016.Available from:

***Please note: Data provided in response to this survey is for private use only. The information held is not intended for publication and will be used primarily for research purposes with some of the data being used to inform discussions/dialogue/events based around topics such as artists' other jobs, lack of time, art/work labour balance. No personal information shall be passed on, shared or published publicly without seeking prior consent. If an email address is provided, the survey creator may use this to get in touch with individual respondents to continue dialogue on subjects to do with the survey or events being organised to do with the research areas addressed in the survey.

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