Expressions of interest - parent/carer-child food group classes. Junior Foodies (3-6yrs) & Toddler Food Group (12-36mo)
Being hands-on with a variety of foods at an early age develops great food relationships. Developing great relationships with food is important because it underpins adventurous, healthy eating.

If you're interested in parent/carer-child food group classes near you on Sydney's north side, could you please answer the questions below to help me understand the needs of families, to assist with venue selection and scheduling, and to let you know when and where sessions are happening.

- The sessions are designed to create happy relationships between kids and their food
- Led by university-qualified nutritionist, Kate Curtis, who has specialised training in helping fussy eaters & problem feeders
- The focus is on sparking curiosity & making food fun. This is achieved through a mix of sensory exploration & play in a relaxed & supportive environment. For preschoolers, sessions also involve age-appropriate cooking
- There are two proposed sessions. One is Junior Foodie classes for preschoolers aged 3-6yrs (1 hour duration, proposed start mid term 1) and the other is a toddler food group for children aged 12-36mo (40 min duration, proposed start term 2)
- All inclusive of food & equipment

The benefits:
- Lifelong eating behaviours & diet quality are shaped in the early years. By attending, you're allowing your child a preventive approach to good health
- The program incorporates evidence-based strategies, which help children establish (or strengthen) foundations for eating well
- Families are provided with supportive resources to create a consistently positive approach towards food & eating in the home. This includes strategies that help address & resolve common underlying causes of mealtime stress & worry. Not only does this benefit the child attending, but the entire family
- The program's purpose is to empower — to help your child want to explore new foods for themselves instead of you trying to get them to eat
- Preschoolers will learn about the relationship between food & their body
- Sessions gently challenge the sensory system while developing social skills + oral, fine & gross motor skills

Any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch:

Kind regards,
Kate Curtis
Director & Nutritionist (BHSc, ANutr, SOS Approach to Feeding Practitioner)

Your privacy is important to me. Information gathered here is to determine needs and to contact you if classes go ahead. If you opt yes to newsletters, you'll of course receive those too. Privacy policy is here if you wish to view it:
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