Help us make JumpGames better for 2021

Thanks for being part of the first season of North Trampoline JumpGames. As we move into winter we will take all your input and make JumpGames even more fun and engaging for 2021. We look forward to hearing your about experience and ideas.
What country are you from
Where did you get JumpGames
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What is the age of the jumpers
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How often did you play JumpGames?
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How likely are you to recommend JumpGames to a friend
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What do you like the most with JumpGames?
What do you miss in JumpGames?
Which features do you value/use the most?
What do you want to us to add in the next update of JumpGames?
Did you stop using JumpGames? If so, what was the main reason?
How would you rate the different parts on the app? 1 - did not like / 5 - did like very much
Getting started
The games
Jump counter
The jump rank
The sound
Create games
What is the one thing we could do to make you happier and play JumpGames more in 2021?
Thanks for your feedback. Our goal is to create the best possible experience for 2021, and your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions play a major role in helping us identify opportunities to improve.
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