MWHS Parent/Student Activity Survey
Please take a moment to let us know how the season went. Your feedback is valuable and appreciated and we look forward to following up with each of you who complete the survey.
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My child's coach/advisor defines success by more than the win/loss record.
My child's coach/advisor encourages my child to succeed academically.
My child's coach/advisor emphasizes good sportsmanship.
Team rules, policies and procedures (team handbook and MSHSL rules) were communicated effectively.
Do you feel the activity program met their goal of providing an enjoyable experience for your child in this sport/activity during this past season? * *
Would you recommend this sport/activity to a friend? *
Why did you answer the question above the way you answered it?
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How would you rate the quality of equipment for this sport/activity? *
Is the time students are required to commit to this sport/activity too little, about right, or too much? *
My child accepted advice and critiques without taking it personally. *
My child accepted responsibility for his/her actions. *
What does it seem that your child enjoyed most about participating this past season?
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Any recommendations to make this program and your child's experience better?
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