"Design is the silent ambassador of your brand." - Paul Rand
Hello and welcome,

Welcome to the first step of your visual brand identity journey. This brand exercise will take you through a series of questions that will help you identity the persona and experience of your brand. Before you begin this journey, try to have a good, stress-free environment with 20 to 30 minutes set out for this. This is a crucial step to develop your brand identity and will help guide both you and me to better understand how the brand should be designed and represented.

Here are a few guiding tips:
- The options that are given aren't meant to fit exactly - it's to create an idea. So pick the best option that suits.
- Try to read and ingest the variety of options and pick the best that suits you as an 'Ambassador' of your brand.
- Imagine the brand as a human persona rather than an icon, logo, or product.
- You are not your brand, so try to think about your brand both as an outsider and a creator.
- Last but not least: Please READ EVERYTHING. All the descriptions and anecdotes are there to better guide you.

This can either be done individually or I can be on call with you through this. It is more beneficial for the process to be while on the call with me, as this will help us both understand each others' intentions better. However, if you prefer to do this exercise solo, that is totally fine too.

-Sumi M.

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