Critical Moment Dialogue Worksheet
Derived from the  worksheet developed by Gordon Watanabe and found at, this worksheet is created so that I have a quick online place to process my critical moments. I haven't figured out how to make it private yet though, and as soon as the information at is no longer public, this should be taken offline as it would probably break copyright.
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Attending to Judgment
What is the positive or negative judgment I am having about myself, or the  situation or person I am facing?
What positive or negative assumptions am I making about myself, the other, or  the situation?
What was I expecting? What positive or negative motivations am I attributing to  myself and any others involved?
Attending to Emotion
What is the emotion, positive or negative, that I am having in this situation?  What are its qualities and characteristics?
Emotional Information
What information is the emotion offering me?
Why do I care about this “critical moment” situation so much; which of my values  are involved?
Physical Sensation
Physical Sensation
What is the physical sensation I’m experiencing in this “critical moment”  situation; where is the sensation located?
Sensation Information
What is the sensation about; what is it communicating to me?
Body Balance
What do I need to do to re-establish my feeling body balance?
Engaging Ambiguity
Informational Status
What do I not know?
Revisit Informational Status
What more can I not know?
Informational Status Outcome
What can I do to get more comfortable with the ambiguity and/or to get some  clarification?
Cultivating Stillness
What additional questions, focusing on any of the practices, do I need to ask  myself?
Pause & Recollect
Taking a breath, what insight comes from the silence within?
What can I learn about myself from this “critical moment” situation?
Aligning with Vision
Is this my highest & best?
Where are the gaps between my current reality and my vision of myself at my  highest and best?
Vision Confirmation
What aspects of my vision are confirmed by my reflection on this “critical  moment” situation or interaction?
How, if at all, does this “critical moment” experience suggest I change/refine my  vision?
Discerning Right Action
Alignment with Vision
What might I do to bring my current reality into alignment with my vision?
Highest & Best
What action might best move me towards my highest hopes and enhance the  creative potential of this interaction, relationship, or situation?
What, if anything, is the right thing to do? To say? To whom? How?
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