KPLA Dine Arounds
What are the KPLA Dine Arounds? Would you like to eat dinner with other librarians in the state? Get to know how other libraries work? Maybe network with some new people? Then join our KPLA Dine Arounds! You will be assigned a Dining Captain who will led your group in conversation and get to eat a great dinner out with fellow librarians.

Event Timing: Thursday, April 16th @6:30PM
Event Address: Meet your Dining Captain at the Sloan Convention Center. You will meet at the Registration Table and then drive separately. This way you will know who you are meeting at the restaurant! Dinner is paid on your own by each individual. You are responsible for paying tips and getting to the restaurant.

Email will be sent out to those who preregister one day before event, confirming Dining Captain and group.

All individuals that wish to participate in the Dine Arounds must register separately. But you will be able to indicate if you would like to be grouped with certain individuals.

There will be six different options for dining.

The Bistro -
Double Dogs -
El Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant -
India Oven Fine Indian Restaurant -
Nova 2.0 -
White Squirrel Restaurant -

Maps with addresses, directions to the restaurant, and sample menus will be available at the registration table.
Please fill out the entire form.

Last minute sign ups may also occur at the registration table the day of event.
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Phone Number (Will be given to Dining Captain for coordination purposes.) *
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All individuals that wish to participate in the Dine Arounds must register separately. But please list the names of individuals you would like to be grouped with. Please list their full names.
Please select up to 3 restaurants that you would be interested in eating at. *
Do you have a priority restaurant? Please list it below and we will do our best to match you up with your first choice.
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