One to One Coaching Application With Andy Benson
Right now I have no idea if I can help you, but I'd like to try! In order for me to establish that, please fill out the short questionnaire below and I will contact you personally to see if we're a good fit for you to join my coaching program. Be honest with your answers, don't hide stuff because ultimately I wont be able to help you as much if you do.
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I can't make you do this, but it's helpful if you can tell me a little about your personal financial situation too.
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What are your income goals? What figure per month would truly make a difference to you and your family?
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In this section I'd like you to give me an indication of what you currently have as available funds to invest. If you're not prepared to invest in both yourself and your business then you're clearly not serious about this and I simply can't help you. Bare in mind this can be money you have personally set aside, your current available line of credit, or a bit of both. Again, be realistic here. Don't put a figure down that you're not comfortable with, as there's just no point! But you have to understand that building a real business that has the potential to change your life cannot be done without some financial investment.
Your Budget For Coaching
In this section I'd like you to give me an indication of what you are prepared to invest monthly on marketing your business. Realistically, you need to have some form of PAID advertising as your growth strategy because your results will come much faster. Free methods are the icing on the cake if you have the time to implement them, but they wont allow you to grow and eventually SCALE your business. Again, be realistic. Don't put a figure down that you're not comfortable with per month as an ongoing investment for your business.
Your Monthly Budget For Marketing
Tell me in your own words the biggest issues you're currently facing and what's been stopping you from achieving your goals
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