TEC Center's Call for Submissions: Early Childhood Technology Integration Stories from the Field
Happy Anniversary! 2017 marks the 5 years since the release of the NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center joint position statement on Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs. TEC Center Director, Chip Donohue, was one of the contributing authors and the TEC Center, and our partners at the Fred Rogers Center, have promoted the key messages, principles and guidelines from the start.

The TEC Center at Erikson Institute is calling early childhood educators from schools, home-based daycare centers, libraries, museums, community programs, parents and children's media developers to share your technology integration stories from the field.

What to submit:
• We are seeking 200-word entries that share stories and case-studies of meaningful and appropriate technology use with young children, ages zero to eight years.
• Please include pictures if you have permission to use them
• Your own headshot
• You can download our release forms here: http://teccenter.erikson.edu/tec/submission-stories/.
• Photos or videos: We are looking to feature children with adults using lots of different types technology tools not just tablets—digital cameras, desktop computers, robotics, and tangible tech in a variety of settings from outside in nature to classrooms to museums to home to robotics competitions.

To be considered for publication in Young Children: Monday, March 20, 2017 5:00 pm CST
To be considered for other upcoming projects, conferences and publications: Friday, March 31, 2017 at 5:00 pm CST.

The TEC Center will contact you if your story is selected for use on the TEC Center website, in a publication or during a conference presentation. Whenever possible, we invite selected contributors to present with our team at conferences where we will be highlighting your work. Your name with your work will appear and you will be given full credit for your contribution whenever we highlight your work. NOTE: We are unable to cover your travel expenses unless the conference organizers offer to do so.

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Note: Please answer i.e. Preschool Teacher or Home-Day Care Provider if you don't have an official title at your workplace
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200 word-submission or link to a document or video in Google Drive or Dropbox that we can access.
If you prefer, you may email it to: teccenter.erikson@gmail.com. Subject line: Your name and Position statement story
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Link to photos and release forms in a Google drive or Dropbox. Please include a photo of yourself so we show people who you are.
If you prefer, you may email them to: teccenter.erikson@gmail.com. Subject line: Your name and Photo release forms
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Link to signed TEC Center Website Submission release form in a Google drive or Dropbox.
If you prefer, you may email it to: teccenter.erikson@gmail.com. Subject line: Your name and TEC Website release form
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Please briefly describe how the NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center's joint position statement on Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs has influenced your work.
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You may also share how Chip Donohue and the TEC Center have influenced your work. Chip gave birth to the TEC Center in 2012 and the TEC team would really like to give Chip a special gift to celebrate on our anniversary in November. Please share a favorite moment or story.
Have a video or pic to share? You can put in a link or send it to teccenter.erikson@gmail.com Subject Line: Chip story
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Please confirm that you have changed any children's names to protect their privacy and have permission to share their photos. Please make sure you have dowloaded our photo release forms and emailed them to teccenter.erikson@gmail.com
Photo release forms can be found here https://teccenter.erikson.edu/tec/submission-stories/
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