Collaboration with other producers
Nowadays producers are collaborating more. Unlike the 00's where beats are "Produced by Timbaland", beats are more often created by a group of producers. My interest lies in new ways to collaborate. Therefore I would like to know how producers like to collaborate these days. Keep in mind, we're talking about collaborations with other producer, as a producer. This form is focused towards beat-making hip-hop producers, but still applicable towards e.g. dance producers.
Can you give me a short introduction? Where are you from? What is your age? What kind of music do you like to produce?
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What is your definition of a producer?
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How necessary do you think collaborations are for accomplishing your goal in music production?
Not necessary
Collaboration is a must!
Who do you like to collaborate with most?
How often do you collaborate with other producers?
What group size do you think is most effective when collaborating with other producers?
Please explain your last answer.
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Through what channels do you seek collaborations?
When is a collaboration most effective?
How do you collaborate/work with other producers?
What do you wish to achieve when collaborating?
Is there something else that you do to enhance a collaboration?
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