Caught in the Act Musician Application
Welcome to the CFUZ Caught in the Act Musician Application Form!

Caught in the Act is a project spearheaded by CFUZ and funded through the Community Radio Fund of Canada. The goal of the project is to feature and promote local musicians through our community radio station, and establish a relationship with local musicians so that we can help them continue to be in the local spotlight through CFUZ, 92.9FM in Penticton.

The project aims to host and produce 20 live virtual performances by local musicians, from January 2021 through August 2021. Each performance will be live streamed to the public, and both video and audio of the performance will be captured and produced into content to be featured on our YouTube channel, and on our radio station, CFUZ 92.9FM. In addition, artists will have access to all recorded material, and other opportunities to participate in the Caught in the Act grant special presentations throughout the program period.

Please read this application carefully.

Locally based musicians are invited to apply to participate in this program by filling in this online form. Your designated contact will receive a confirmation email within a few days of submission, indicating your application has been received. Please note that only those acts selected to participate in the program will be contacted by the Caught in the Act Music Director after December 1, 2020.

This form has 5 sections in total, including this title page. Please ensure that you complete all sections and submit the application prior to navigating away from this page.
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