Q-Mob Strategic Planning Survey
This form is designed to help Q-MoB capture stories of some of the most meaningful experiences you've had at Q-MoB activities AND to also learn from some of your most challenging experiences involving our activities. While we invite you to give us your name & contact information so we could contact you to ask follow-up questions so we can learn more, you absolutely can be completely anonymous in responding to this survey. We also ask if it would be OK for us to use one of your positive experiences as an example of how Q-MoB is changing people's lives, but again, don't feel any pressure to allow us to disclose your story and/or your name. We hold your responses as sacred & important, whether they are anonymous, confidential, or public.
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1. Tell Us about one of the most meaningful &/or fun moments you've had at a Q-MoB activity?
2. Tell us a little bit about why that moment was meaningful &/or fun? What were the ingredients that made that possible?
3. As part of our Board's strategic planning process, may we follow up with you to learn more about this & other experiences you've had that were meaningful or fun for you?
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4. May we share your story with others on our website, printed materials, &/or email newsletters in any of these ways?
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5. How interested are you in these Q-MoB Activities?
4 - Willing to Lead
3- Very Interested In Participating
2- Interested in Participating
1- Somewhat Interested
0- Not Interested
Coffee/Tea Group
Arts & Culture Outings
Restaurant Outings
Bar/Pub Outings
Game Nights
Biking Events
Vision Quest Group
Book Club
Crafting/Fiber Arts
Snow Sports
Fitness Classes
Paddling Events
Support Groups
Online Support Group
Gardening Group
Music Making
Meditation/Silence Together
Curated Dinner
Cooking Class
Dancing Events
Bowling Group
Wellness Class
Herbalism/Foraging Class
Resiliency/Climate Action
Financial Abundance Class
Get Out of Debt Class
Q-MoB Diversity Team
Q-MoB Outreach Team
Q-MoB Program Team
Q-MoB Development/Fundraising Team
Q-MoB Web/IT Team
Q-MoB Board
Q-MoB Resources & Referral Team
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