SQuID workshop, Montpellier, 15 & 16 January 2018 - FULL!
We are very sorry but we have already 6 more applications than the room allows attendees (24) hence on this day (21/12/2017) we have to shut down this call for registration. If you have registered before today, you will receive an email confirming it soon.

SQuID stands for Statistical Quantification of Individual Differences and is the product of the SQuID working group (https://github.com/hallegue/squid). The package SQuiD aims to help scholars who, like us, are interested in understanding patterns of phenotypic variance. Individual differences are the raw material for natural selection to act on and hence the basis of evolutionary adaptation. Understanding the sources of phenotypic variance is thus a most essential feature of biological investigation and mixed effects models offer a great, albeit challenging tool. Disseminating the properties, potentials and interpretational challenges in the research community is thus a foremost goal of SQuID.

During the workshop we will mix short lectures and practices using the softwares SQuID and R. You do not need to be an expert in mixed models, but some basic knowledge of software R will be advantageous. Just come with your computer with R installed on it. Prior to the workshop we will send you instructions on how to install SQuID.

Denis Réale, Yimen Araya-Ajoy, Niels Dingemanse & Dave Westneat (The Instructors, on behalf of the SQuID working group).

Monday 15 January 2018
9:00-10:30 Introduction to the phenotypic equation
10:45-12:15 Mixed-effect models and basic lessons about SQUID and variance
13:45-15:15 Environmental effects and the role of sampling
15:30-17:00 Random regression models

Tuesday 16 January 2018
9:00-10:30 Interaction effects in random regression models
10:45-12:15 Mean-centering
13:45-15:15 Sampling decisions
15:30-17:00 GLMM and bivariate models

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