Off Center Community Survey
It's been a hard spring.

Off Center for the Dramatic Arts, like performance venues around the world, is facing difficult challenges.

For us the choice is either: maintaining our current venue by creating new ways to serve our community’s needs during this crisis with sustaining support, or closing the venue, ceasing physical operations and searching for a new home to rebuild in the future. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak in March, Off Center was growing as a community resource and enjoying our best year for spring show bookings to date. We need your help to decide what comes next.

Please answer this short survey from the Off Center Board to assist us in making the best choice for our community. We want our choice to reflect your needs.
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Do you consider yourself (include all that apply): *
How can you support the Off Center in the next six months (check all that apply): *
If you are interested in renting in the next 6 months, please select all rentals that apply.
What would you need to make you feel comfortable at Off Center? (Check all that apply) *
Assuming Off Center follows all recommended safety protocols, how many people in attendance would you be comfortable with? *
If the Off Center must close the current venue, how likely are you to assist with the move out and search for a new venue? *
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If the Off Center must close the current venue, how likely are you to provide financial support as we search for a new home? *
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Do you have any further thoughts on the future of the Off Center?
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