From the Margins to the Centre: Defining New Mission and Vision for HCI Researchers in South Asia
We are excited to conduct a workshop called “From the Margins to the Centre: Defining New Mission and Vision for HCI Research in South Asia” at CHI 2021. In this online workshop, we aim to broaden the perspective of the CHI research and community towards the contributions from the South Asian region including and beyond development, by bringing together researchers, designers, and practitioners working or interested in working within these regions on diverse topics such as universal education, global healthcare, accessibility, sustainability, and more. Through the workshop discussion, group design activity, and brainstorming, we aim to provide a space for symbiotic knowledge sharing, and defining shared visions and missions for HCI activities in South Asia for including and moving beyond the development agenda.

The detailed proposal including a tentative schedule is available at

We have strong aims to produce one or more publication(s) to present new themes, principles, and visions for conducting human-centred research and design in South Asia. For the same, we would like to analyse the data we gather as a part of the workshop. This includes your Google form responses, ideas/suggestions/discussions through the live document and audio/video recordings, and brainstorms/mind maps during the workshop. The data will be anonymised (with all identifying information removed) for all research purposes. The anonymised data is stored in password-protected repositories and can be accessed only by the workshop moderators. The publication venue(s) will be determined according to the number of generated outcomes (themes, principles, etc.): a shorter list may result in an article for Communications of the ACM or ACM Interactions; or other related venues. If interested, you can participate as co-author.

Through this form, we request for your permission to use the data to be collected through your participation in the workshop. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by sending an email to the workshop moderators.

In case of any questions, please feel free to email us at
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