Mars Hill : Your Story
Are we ready to talk about our time at Mars Hill Church?

It's been over a year since Mars Hill closed and thousands of us who were involved have moved on.... how are we doing?

There's a tension around the topic, often an unspoken understanding from those who were there and a polite "what happened with that?" from those who weren't. There are untold stories and they belong to all of us.

Maybe we should start a conversation.

What follows are open-ended questions to help you share your story to whatever extent you are comfortable.
Questions relate to your involvement at Mars Hill, the closure of the church and your transition since then. When a sizable number of responses have been collected, they will be posted online in one place.

All perspectives on Mars Hill are welcome from anyone who was a member or regular attender during any period of time.

This is not an attempt to seek any particular conclusion or call anyone to action. It is intended to record everyone’s feelings and experiences as equally valid.

Our stories matter and collectively they paint a more complete picture than any one source could.
There are no right or wrong answers. You can be as identified or anonymous as you wish and nothing is saved until you hit "submit".

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