Emergency Measures Ticket Tracker
For residents and service providers in Toronto's Downtown core to track tickets, summons and police stops as a result of emergency measures adopted by the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario. We are using this form to better understand the problem, and to develop solutions - these may involve representation of individuals, giving basic advice, pro-bono support from lawyers/law students, or arguing strategic cases - however at this point we do not know, and cannot promise what our intervention will look like. This form does not create a solicitor-client relationship with Neighbourhood Legal Services.

You may choose not to answer any question on the form. This information will be received by Neighbourhood Legal Services. It will be anonymized and may be shared with allied agencies for the purpose of advocacy to address police targeting marginalized populations within our community. You have the option to share your information with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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Describe the circumstances under which you were stopped, warned or ticketed.
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Were you asked for personal information (name, identification etc.) but did NOT receive a ticket?
If you have received a ticket or a summons, you can upload a photo of it on this separate form (requires Google account) https://forms.gle/ZP58AAv8np83XzvX7
Where were you when you were stopped, warned or ticketed? (intersection, park, sidewalk, outside of an agency or shelter etc.)
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Tell us more about the circumstances - were rules being enforced against everyone in a given area or do you feel you were singled out? If so, do you know why this might be the case?
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Do you belong or appear to belong to any of the following groups? (check all that apply)
Who gave you the ticket?
What did they charge you with?
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Did the ticket or charge indicate a fine or penalty? If so, what was it?
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Are you connected with any agencies such as a harm reduction program, clubhouse, mental health services etc.? If so, who are you connected with?
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May we contact you in the future, if necessary?
Do you consent to your information, including your name, being shared with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association? They are engaged in a national campaign addressing abuse of emergency powers.
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