Explorers/American Biography Presentation Day - November 8, 2018
Come join us for our first 5th grade Activity Day of the year. Our meeting time will be 9:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m. We begin in the auditorium and then travel to different activity stations. Activities will include: compass navigation, design a compass rose, presentation of a biography project. To end this event, we will meet back in the auditorium for a (potluck) Explorer's picnic. Separate activities will be provided for siblings K-2. For more information about the biography requirements go to our webpage:
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Projects are highly encouraged. This gives students an opportunity to present in front of a small audience and gain important public speaking experience.
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Contact Cheryl Brodie: cbrodie@hickmanschools.org
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We will have no childcare for preschool children.
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Will you be able to provide an item to share at the Explorer's picnic? Choose from one of the following or research an item that an Explorer might have eaten over the ocean voyage.
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