Questionnaire for OpenLedger DEX Users
Please take part in our survey. We will use its results to improve your user and trading experience on our decentralized trading platform.
1. Do you use your OpenLedger DEX account for trading or storing your crypto assets? *
2. How do you trade on OpenLedger DEX? *
3. Is asset arbitrage a part of your trading strategy? *
4. Is cross-exchange arbitrage a part of your trading strategy? *
5. Do you use collateral trading? *
6. How often do you deposit/withdraw assets? *
7. What cryptocurrency do you usually trade? Please name 1 or 2 assets (e.g., BTS). *
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8. What cryptocurrency is OpenLedger DEX missing? Please share your opinion with us. *
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9. Should OpenLedger DEX support hardware wallets? (e.g., Ledger Nano) *
10. What do you dislike about OpenLedger DEX functionality? *
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11. What features should be added to our trading platform?
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