Are we Agile... ?
Simple assessment for blog post at
Experiments *
We don’t take any experiment, we analyze things and do what was decided
We are running several experiments, it’s the way to learn about the value and ourselves.
Retrospective *
Retrospective action items either don’t exist or people have to search them first
Any random person remembers retrospective actions and take them as the very important.
Failure *
Failure is bad, let’s find who can we blame
Failing is a great opportunity to learn and improve
Backlog *
We have to do everything which come along as an idea or request
80% of ideas will not make it into our Product Backlog
Efficiency *
Individual team members must be efficient every single day, we want to control it
Team has enough trust to do their best, so we let them decide what they do during their time
Impact *
We believe we did enough analysis and communication that we can deliver the features
We take our backlog items as assumptions and always check that they got the expected impact
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