Pack 60 Cub Scout Overnight at the Houston Museum of Natural Science Registration Information
Hello! Our pack needs to send in one form to register for this event with all of the attendees information. I have created this form to gather the necessary information to complete the form. Please complete this form for all Scouts and adults attending the overnight.

Important Information:

- The Overnight includes access to Museum permanent exhibit halls after hours, STEM/Nova activity stations, garage parking, HMNS Overnight patch, late night snack, a planetarium show in the Burke Baker Planetarium, sleeping in one of the Museum’s permanent exhibition halls, continental breakfast, and admission to the Museum’s permanent exhibit halls and the STEM/Nova Program from 9 am-1 pm on Saturday, September 21, 2018.

- Scouts must be at least 6 years old to participate in the overnight.

- The museum does not allow non-Scout siblings to attend the overnight, but they can attend Scout Day on Saturday, September 22.

- Scouts will work on the Fearful Symmetry Nova Award during the overnight, and have an opportunity to attend adventure classes in the morning which should allow them to complete the award. Classes are from 8:30 am to 10:30 am. They are only for Scouts who attend the overnight.

- Scouts will be able to work on the Uncovering the Past Nova Award during the museum's Scout Day on September 22nd. They will have the opportunity to complete all sections of the award requirements except the adventure requirement. (The Museum will also have activities for Fearful Symmetry, however, Scouts who participated in the Overnight and took the morning class should have completed that award.)

- Lion and Tiger Scouts are unable to earn Nova Awards.

Forms and payment need to be submitted no later than JULY 18, 2018. You should receive an email after completing this form which will allow you to calculate a total for your Scout/group. We will collect payments on Tuesday (7/17/2018) from 6-7 at Castlegate Park located at 4455 Castlegate Dr, College Station, TX 77845. Shawn Palermo, Bear Den Leader, will be there to accept payments. Please have correct change or checks made out to Pack 60. If you cannot drop off payment at that time, please let us know immediately so we can arrange to collect the money prior to the 18th. Shawn's number is (503) 724-0881.

Thank you!
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