Survey - Improving sexual health communication in Non-Monogamy
SafeMatch is working on improving sexual health communication by make it easy to share STD test results with partner on a secure mobile App. The App service verifies test results, share results anonymously*, provides a concise summary, and promotes STD education. While no solution is 100% safe, sharing results can lower risks of STI transmission. A short video explains how SafeMatch App service works:

It will be of great help to understand some of the challenges faced today in navigating sexual health discussions with your new (or current) partner and what could SafeMatch do to solve them.

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Rahul Gupta (Founder at SafeMatch - -

* Results can still be verified when meeting in person
What is most challenging when it comes to sexual health discussions with new (or current) partner?
Which different options do you consider important in lowering your risks of getting STDs?
How often do you get tested for STDs?
Do you know the STDs that you have been tested for in last 1 year?
Do you find it difficult to manage multiple copies of your past test results?
How do you start sexual health discussions with new (or current) partner?
Is verifying and understanding STD test results of new (or current) partner important to you?
Which SafeMatch App features seem most important to you? You can find details of App features at
Which of these features would make the SafeMatch App more beneficial to you? (NOTE: These features are not yet available today)
What are your concerns with SafeMatch approach to share results on mobile App (see screenshots below)? Click link for short summary on Security and Privacy:
Captionless Image
What is one thing SafeMatch can change or add that will make the App most useful to you in start sexual health discussions?
Do you see yourself trying the App in next 3 months?
Do you have any feedback for us? If you have any questions or would like to see a demo, please email us at
Email address (optional) - Only used for answering your questions or get clarifications on your feedback.
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