Chess Club at Muir
September 7th through May 31st
The Chess Program at John Muir is brought to you by
The Torres Chess and Music Academy, a non-profit organization.

Whether your child plays chess, or wants to start -- come learn, play games, have fun and help us continue to build a great chess club. This year the TCAMA will be returning to the Muir Chess Club. No matter what level of play your child enjoys, the Muir chess club will provide the appropriate level of instruction.

The chess program meets every Friday 3:15 until 4:30, beginning September 7, 2018. (33 classes)
Students will be broken into groups based on their relative skill at the game of chess. Class begins with a general meeting where children are briefed on any chess club news, offered information on upcoming chess events, and informed of their new point sheet standings. At the conclusion of the meeting, children are broken into their skill level defined groups and take part in a "hands on" chess lesson that lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. Once this lesson has completed, children will take part in a club tournament, which is played to rated tournament standards. This means children will play silently, use chess clocks and notate games. If time remains at the conclusion of their games, children will analyze their games quietly in peer groups until clean up time. Points will be awarded to children for attendance, performance in their games, extra credit homework, and attending tournaments. All homework will be voluntary and count toward extra credit points. For more information on the Torres Chess and Music Academy or to apply online, please visit Scholarships Available!

The chess program will be offered every Friday that school’s in regular session. The tuition for this program is $465 for the year and $247 for the semester.
The final day of the semester will be on January 19, 2019.
The last day of the Chess Club will be May 31, 2019.

Checks should be made payable to The TCAMA. Fees for this chess program are nonrefundable after the second meeting. No refund will be given for unscheduled student absences.

There will be no class on
9/21, 11/23, 12/28, 1/4, 2/22, and 4/19.


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