Waist Extender Order Form
This is a form to order a Waist Extender for Oscha's Nook and Cairis Carriers. Please make sure you read this form carefully before ordering as an invoice for £12 (+P&P if bought separately) will be sent based on the information you provide.

Waist extenders will be made and ready to ship within 5 days of your invoice being paid. Please do email info@oschasling.com in addition to filling out this form if you are adding this to an existing order.

Please note: if you are adding this to an existing order, the whole order will be held until the Waist Extender is ready.

Custom orders can only be cancelled in the first 24hrs and any enquires about your order should be sent to info@oschaslings.com.

Your email address will only be used for the purposes of sending your invoice and communicating with with you about your order.

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About Waist Extenders
Waist Extenders can give between 17cm and 27.5cm extra length in your carriers waistband, this length will depend on the style of buckle your carrier has. Information will be given about the styles and differences below.
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What style of carrier are you looking to use this Waist Extender with? (fabric name & carrier type i.e Starry Night Nebula Cairis) *
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Please note the following dimensions:
Buckle 1 will give you, roughly, between 17cm & 26cm extra length
Buckle 2 will give you, roughly, between 18.5cm & 27.5cm extra length.

Please choose the buckle which matches the one on your carrier. If you are purchasing this along with a new carrier please check the box below and we will send you the appropriate buckle type.

Based on the picture above, which buckle do you require for your carrier? *
Which colour webbing is on the carrier you wish to use this with?
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If you wish us to match the webbing a carrier in you current order then please check here.
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