2020-2021 Maple Kindergarten Preregistration
Due to the current school shut down, Maple Grade School's Kindergarten preregistration/screening has been cancelled. However, we would like to get students preregistered for the 2020 school year electronically. If you have a student that will be 5 before September 1, please complete the following Google Form to get your student preregistered for kindergarten. This document is extremely important as it assists us with planning and proper student placement. Once this pandemic settles down, we will try and either reschedule the screening dates or set up an Open House. In the meantime, please complete the following confidential form to register your little one for kindergarten at Maple Grade School for the 2020 school year!
Student Last Name *
Student First Name *
Parent email address
Child's birthday *
Child's gender *
Parent #1 Full Name (last name, first name) *
Parent #1 Phone Number *
Parent #1 Address *
Parent #2 Full Name (last name, first name)
Parent #2 Phone Number
Parent #2 Address (if different from parent #1)
Is your child currently enrolled in a preschool program? *
If your child has attended preschool, how long have they been in the program?
Does your child follow one step directions, such as "pick up your toys" the first time when asked? *
Does your child play well with peers? For example: takes turns, shares, etc. *
Does your child make friends easily? *
Does your child stick with one play activity or listen to a story for at least 4-5 minutes? *
Does your child manage frustration well? For example, will your child tell you that he/she is upset instead of screaming or hitting? *
Is your child shy around other children? *
Does your child exhibit unusual behavioral outbursts when upset? *
Can your child write their first name without assistance? *
Does your child point to and name at least 10 letters of the alphabet? *
Can your child identify the sound of at least 5 letters? *
Does your child point to and name numbers 0 to 10? *
Does your child write numbers 0 to 10? *
Does your child point to and name basic shapes such as circle, triangle, square and rectangle? *
Does your child recognize most colors? *
Can your child color simple pictures neatly? *
Do you have any speech concerns with your child? *
Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your child?
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