City of Port Aransas COVID-19 Vaccination Survey
Port Aransas resident requests for INITIAL COVID-19 vaccination.
Vaccine Information
Please visit the links below and review the latest information regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations. It is important that your decision to request a vaccination should be made from an informed position. COVID-19 is a Novel Coronavirus and as such has a new vaccine. It is important that you weigh the benefits and risks of immunization and be as informed as possible when making a decision. If you have further questions regarding your personal needs, please reach out to your personal physician for individual advice. Pfizer and Moderna will be providing the initial distributions of vaccine, which will be administered by a state designated provider.

**Please review the following documents and references:

CDC Vaccination Benefits

CDC COVID19 Vaccine Facts

Pfizer BioNTech COVID19 Vaccination Fact Sheet

Moderna COVID19 Vaccination Fact Sheet

**Additional References:


FDA COVID19 Vaccine Site

Texas HHS COVID19 Vaccine Site

CDC Vaccine Site

I have reviewed the CDC and manufacturers data regarding COVID-19 vaccinations. *
I understand by completing this document I will be placed on a list and contacted when a COVID-19 vaccination event is available in the Port Aransas area. This is for INITIAL FIRST DOSE vaccines only. Second doses are automatically designated once first doses have been recorded. *
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Do any of the following conditions apply to you? You are 50 years of age or older. You are diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that puts you at high risk for severe illness with COVID-19. (Yes, if any apply) *
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Texas Health and Human Services allows vaccinations for all those who request regardless of where they reside.
Will you still be an area resident by 04/23/21? *
What to Expect
We are expecting a significant number of requests for vaccinations. Recipients will be contacted by text with instructions regarding vaccination times, locations, and registration. In order to maximize the efficiency of this process, recipient invitations are limited to the allocation of vaccine at each event. If you become aware of a local vaccination event and have not been contacted by text, we ask that you please be patient. Multiple events are planned over the upcoming months and we are confident that in time we can serve the entire community. Thanks to Judge Barbara Canales, our commissioner Brent Chesney and their entire team for their efforts in making this happen.
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