2018-19 Highline SE Permission form
This form defines permissions for all students entering the 2018-19 school year. You MUST complete one form for each student. Thank you!
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Health Care: In order to provide the best possible care for my child, I understand that special health care needs or chronic conditions will be shared with appropriate school personnel. In the event of a life-threatening situation or critical injury, I understand that the school will take appropriate emergency medical action. Additionally, I understand that the school will make every effort to notify me immediately, and that Highline Academy assumes no financial responsibility for medical care or transportation. *
Parent Permission for Media, Marketing and Web Use of Photos and Video: In the interest of promoting the successful programs of Highline Academy and improving outside communications, Highline Academy uses photographs and video footage of students in our school. This may include print, electronic and/or Highline Academy social media. This agreement constitutes permission to use photographs and/or video footage of your student in presentations about our school, and/or programs or people that may be distributed by Highline Academy. All photographs and video footage shall remain the sole property of Highline Academy. I understand that no compensation will be made to me for this use. Highline Academy assumes no liability of any nature in connection with such filming and/or interviewing. *
Internet-Connected Computer Use: As the parent/guardian of a Highline Academy student I will read the Internet Policy, available at http://www.highlineacademy.org, understand its contents, and agree that my child will abide by it. I am fully aware that this system is administered by Highline Academy and is intended for official school business and educational use only. Should my child commit any violation of the Internet Policy, his/her access privileges may be revoked and other disciplinary action may be taken. Exception: please be aware that teachers may ask students to bring in a device for classroom work. The device is to be used for this specific class time only. *
Use of Personal Electronics: Cell Phones, electronic games, and music devices are not allowed during the school day. Highline Academy assumes no responsibility for the loss of any personal electronic devices while at school, including, but not limited to, personal iPads, laptops, Kindle or Nook devices. If a student has an electronic device, it will be taken away and the parent / guardian will be called to pick it up after school. *
Dismissal Preferences: Highline Academy takes the safety of our entire community very seriously. Moving 500+ students in and out of our building each morning and afternoon in the safest, most efficient manner possible is through car line. Therefore we strongly recommend the use of car line. Carline is the safest option for our students’ safety. Please choose all that apply. *
I hereby acknowledge that the above sections are indicative of the permissions I am granting to Highline Academy on behalf of my child by entering my name below: *
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