The Wrong "Secret Project"
Dear friend

Please allow me to be open with you.

I am now working on a subscription based app & streaming platform that offers a new digital experience.

All subscribers will be able to interact with maximum security, to expand a new creative-friendly network in a human pace, while enjoying a curated stream of amazing content in your screen, made exclusively by members. Always constructive, positive and 100% ad free.

Furthermore, If you are an artist and/or curator, you will be able to earn 4-digit grants monthly to showcase your work, and fund your artistic daily practice.

Please complete this short questionnaire, and you'll have a chance to join the beta app as a test member for free and experience a test subscription before it launches.

Note all the content of this google form is confidential and non binding, and I trust you will be discreet about it all for now, and only share it with friends you know may be interested.

I sincerely hope this text finds you well in health and spirit.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you for your time.



David Quiles Guilló

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