Rice Postdoctoral Scholar External Awards
This form collects major external awards won by Rice postdoctoral scholars. Any awards that support your postdoctoral work at Rice are appropriate, even if awarded while you were still a graduate student. We define major external awards with the following criteria:

• An award of $50,000 or more that supports Rice postdoctoral research.
• Honorable mentions or semi-finalists for awards that would provide $50,000 or more (e.g. NSF, Ford) are also eligible.
• National, or international fellowship competition - The fellowship must be a competition outside of Rice and the Gulf Coast Consortium (GCC). For example, we consider awards such as (but not limited to) Wagoner, Welch, K2I, GCC, training grants (T32), and iGERT as internal. These awards are either governed by Rice faculty/staff, the competitors are primarily Rice students, or the funds reside in Rice/GCC accounts. These are ineligible.
• Received by ANY postdoc – doctoral or masters, domestic or international. If you are not the PI or Co-PI on the award, then that award is cake ineligible.
• Although dissertation awards are for graduate work, they are generally awarded during the postdoctoral term and so may be included here if awarded by a national or international body (i.e., country or an international academic society).

Congrats on your award! Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will award postdocs who have won external funding over $50,000 with a cake of their choice. Enter your information below and Dr. Kim Gonzalez will contact you to verify the award notification and give you information about ordering your cake in the spring or fall semester! If you have questions, please contact Kim Gonzalez at klg1@rice.edu.

Not sure if you're eligible? Email klg1@rice.edu with your award notification.
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