Student Intake Form
There are many amazing student activists in Texas who want to participate in school safety walkouts and gun violence protests. There are also many attorneys and advocates who want to provide resources, advice, and other assistance to students whose schools/school districts punish or threaten to punish them for protesting.

Please complete and submit this form if:

1. you are a student or you know a student who has been punished for participating in a school safety protest OR

2. you are a student, parent, or educator at a school or school district that is threatening to punish students who participate in school safety protests.

After your form is submitted, you will receive a call or email from someone who can answer your questions about your rights during protests and how your school may address student protestors.

For immediate answers, please check out the information and resources at --- they may be helpful to share with your school or school district administrators. They may also help you and other students understand your rights and what you should expect from your school.

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