Hebert Public Library Community Survey 2021
A library should reflect the needs and wants of the community it resides in. In order to do that the Hebert Public Library is asking for your help. We're looking for input and feedback and we'd appreciate you taking a moment to reply to the brief survey below so that we can better serve you as we move forward. This survey should take less than 5 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance.
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How often do you visit the library in-person?
Do you use the library website?
What do you use the website for?
Do you access your account online?
Do you use the Libby/OverDrive app to check out eBooks or audiobooks?
Which of the library's services have you used?
Did you know the library offers large-scale printing?
Did you know the library offers a Maker Space (with Cricut, book binding, and more)?
Did you know that the library has an Ancestry.com subscription and a print genealogy collection?
Did you know that we have a digital archive of photos and PN-G High School Yearbooks available on our website, as well as a physical archive in the library?
Did you know that the library offers programs for children, teens, and adults?
What programs/events have you attended at the library in the past?
What programs/events would you be interested in seeing at the library?
If a program had a small cost to attend (less than $20), or you had to provide your own materials, would you still be willing to attend?
Do you have a program/event suggestion?
What format do you prefer for library programs?
What is the best time for a non-storytime program?
What is the best day to hold a program?
In your free time, what are you interested in?
How do you hear about library services/programs?
Have you signed up for our Remind messages?
What are the age groups of those who live in your household?
Do you have any feedback or ideas about how we can serve you better?
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