Crowdinvesting platform "Antimania"
Bounty for testers of "AntiMania" application.
Happy New Year, friends! We are starting testing the application on Google Play. We invite those who wish. The maximum number of participants is 100 users. As a reward for help, each tester will receive 10,000 shares in the authorized capital of our platform in the form of project tokens issued on the Ethereum platform! To install the application and participate in closed testing, follow the link in the Play Market. Testing on Google Play will take place in three stages: 1. Internal testing. 2. Closed testing. 3. Open testing. All testers who fulfill the test conditions will receive a reward. Testing instructions for Russian-speaking test participants can be requested on this forum, and for English-speaking testers the topic for instructions is here / Users of the forum can request instructions in any topic on this forum that is relevant to our project. P.S. Your reward for testing the mobile application will be 10,000 ATN to your Ethereum address if you register in the mobile application with test data. If you register with your real data, you will receive real shares in the authorized capital of our Company with registration of rights with the tax office. Tokens ATH these are the internal tokens of the project. ATH tokens give the holder the right to buy shares in any projects. which will ever be posted on our platform. Within a year, for ATH tokens, you can get shares in the authorized capital of our platform! The project is from Russia, but a partnership has already been opened in the EU (Estonia) and in the summer we will already change jurisdiction.
This video will tell you about our project.
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