McKinney-Vento Referral Form for SLSD
Children and youth experiencing homelessness face unique challenges in accessing and succeeding in school. The McKinney-Vento ("MV") Act helps remove barriers so that students can be more successful.

Please fill out this form to refer a student to the MV Program. Jade Chamness, the new MV Liaison, will meet with the student/family to determine their eligibility. If they qualify, Jade will help make sure the student can access school, and will provide the student with support navigating systems and connecting to stabilizing resources.
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Who is eligible to receive support from a McKinney-Vento Liaison?
As a general rule of thumb, if you have a suspicion that a student might not have permanent housing, please fill out this referral form. We want all eligible students to get help, so please err on the side of over referring.

Students are eligible if their housing situation isn't fixed, regular or adequate. Examples of living situations include: living in a shelter, transitional housing, a motel/hotel or substandard housing, sleeping in a vehicle, tent, RV, or public space, or staying with friends or family due to hardship. Youth who no longer live with their family and/or are living on their own may also qualify.

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Jade Chamness

Cell: 541-735-5702 (call or text)
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