Elite Rider Training Camp
Motorcycling Victoria is excited to be able to offer the chance for riders to attend an Elite Rider Training Camp and we are now seeking Expressions of Interest from riders!

There will be no riding at this first stage of the Camp; it will be Seminar/Lecture based training with the only practical training being fitness and personal training.
Topics that will be discussed include but aren't limited to:
• Nutrition
• Media Training
• Bike Management
• Sponsorship
• Sports Psychology
• Fitness

Details of the Elite Rider Training Camp for 2018 are still being confirmed and worked out, however the following can be released:

Date: 24th, 25th & 26th September 2018
Rider Age: 15 – 18 (inclusive)
Numbers Limit: 8-10 riders

This will be a two-pronged selection process; the Riders who complete the Expression of Interest Form will then be sent a formal Application Form further down the track. These Application Forms will be shown to a Selection Panel, who will then determine which riders will be invited to attend. This selection criteria will be based around questions asked on the Application Form.

THIS EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY 15TH JUNE 2018 ****No late applications will be considered.****

Application Forms will be sent to the Riders who complete this form on MONDAY 18TH JUNE 2018 and will need to be returned to the MV Office by 9am MONDAY 2ND JULY 2018. ****No late applications will be considered.****

*There will be a cost to the rider to attend this Camp (this will go towards the riders accommodation and "group activity"), majority of costs will be covered by MV (coaches, presenters, fitness training, breakfast/lunch/dinner, resources, facilities etc.)

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