Rescuing Endangered Jews: The Unit for Aliyah, Absorption, & Special Operations
Thursday, October 19
7:15 p.m.
Kovno Room
Center for Jewish History
15 W 16th Street
New York, NY 10011

The Jewish Agency for Israel and American Sephardi Federation invite you to meet Arielle Di Porto, who grew-up in a Moroccan-Sephardi home, made Aliyah at age 17, and has dedicated her life to ensuring the safety of every Jew. For several decades she has worked tirelessly to facilitate the Aliyah of Jews who choose to make Israel their home -- whether by choice or circumstance. Di Porto’s strong sense of love for the Jewish People and State of Israel and drive to rescue endangered Jews characterizes a career in which she participated in some of most critical and sensitive emigration missions in Jewish history, including special operations to exfiltrate Jewish refugees from Cuba, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and other hot spots.

Today, she serves as the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Director of the Aliyah Division of the Unit for Aliyah, Absorption & Special Operations, responsible for Aliyah from around the world, including the United States, as well as directly charged with Aliyah from France and clandestine Aliyah efforts from countries in the Middle East.

The American Sephardi Federation is proud to partner with the Jewish Agency for Israel to provide a rare look behind-the-headlines at the vital, life-saving work of Arielle Di Porto and her colleagues on behalf of the Jewish People and State of Israel.

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