Flea market GOOD KARMA - 1. Expats Edition, Brno - Domeq, 17th May 2018 - application for seller
Trash or treasure?
Regular flea markets DOBRÁ KARMA - GOOD KARMA.

=>> First edition of DOBRÁ KARMA for expats will happen on Thursday, May 17th. 2018. We are going to meet at 5 - 8PM at Domeq, new architectonically interesting building, at the address: Dornych 519/47e.

Email: nase@dobra-karma.cz
Zbyněk Hanko +420 775 635 426 (all questions regarding registration, selling, etc)
Sabina Jelínková +420 607 049 028 (on the spot)

=>> ABOUT:
Is your home full of things that you no longer need or use and you don't want just throw them away? Do you prefer to give your things away to someone who may actually make good use of it? Just bring them to the flea market DOBRÁ KARMA a and let them find new owners. You will make this new owner happy and your favorite toy will be useful again.
Let's have more space at home and some extra coin in the pocket :) That is a good deal!

We would also like to invite anybody who doesn't need the newest kettle which is on the market but is just fine with something that works or has a story behind. Both collectors and students who have just moved into the flat and need basic furniture to start with, may find treasures and interesting articles here.

Everybody wants to feel useful. What if the things like to be useful, too? :)
And here you can give them a new chance.
Everybody wants Good Karma, even the things.

Please, if you want to participate as a seller, fill in the application form below and read the conditions:

Arrival time: 3:30 PM - 4:45PM
Fee is payable by bank transfer or latest at the spot before the start of the event.
Your spot has to stay clean after you leave.
It is important to respect and follow instructions from the organizational team.
You should leave your spot only at the end of the event, when you are sold out or after agreement with the organizational team and final check-up.
It is not allowed to sell financial products, eg: insurance, loans etc.
You agree with processing of your personal data.

Within couple of days after receiving your application form, we will get back to you with confirmational email in which you will receive generated variable symbol and instructions for the payment. Please, complete your registration by processing the payment within 5 working days so we can book you a selling place.

Selling place: are of 2x2m, 200CZK/event
Renting a table: 50CZK/event
Renting a chair: 30CZK/event
Good karma: free of charge :)

Bank account: 2201310469 / 2010
Bank account owner: Zubštejn času, z.s.
IBAN: CZ0320100000002201310469
Bank details: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1

*** Confirm your attendance at FB event and invite friends
*** Follow DOBRÁ KARMA FB to see pictures and know about new events! => https://www.facebook.com/dobrakarmaCZ/

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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I am interested in selling place: *
Regular size of the selling place is 2x2m. It will be either a place indoor or outdoor.You can also have a place of double size. Please, choose:
Would you like to have a table?
If you like to have a table at your place, let us know in advance and we will bring it for you. By bringing nice table cloth, you can make really nice sellling place and attract more people to your stall.
Would you like to have a chair?
What sort of good do you plan to sell at DOBRÁ KARMA?
Let us know what are you going to bring to DOBRÁ KARMA - just brief description of the items (e.g. books, bike, cloths, vinyls, furniture etc.)
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Anything else we should know.... :)
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By submitting this form, I confirm my attendance at DOBRÁ KARMA - 1st Expats edition. I agree with the price list and confirm to follow instructions by the organizational team. I also agree with processing of my personal data. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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