SQE Free Higher Education Survey
We need a new plan for free higher education in CA. To build a strong campaign we need to include all student voices, so CSU students, please tell us: what is your experience with affordability in the CSU?

The data collected from this survey will not be used in connection with your name and contact info; our goal is to identify trends in what experiences CSU students are having with affordability so we can fight for a free higher education plan that speaks to the needs of our student body.
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Are you an undergraduate or graduate student?
For the Fall 2017 semester/quarter did you receive any financial aid grants? *
If you answered "Yes" to #1, did financial aid grants cover 100% of your tuition/fees (tuition/fees ONLY, not books etc) for Fall 2017?
If financial aid grants did not cover 100% of your tuition/fees for Fall 2017, how did you cover the rest?
Do you have a job this semester/quarter (Fall 2017)? *
If you answered "Yes," how many hours/week do you normally work?
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If you answered "Yes, more than one," how many jobs do you have?
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During your time in the CSU have you ever had to take out student loans?
During your time in the CSU has anybody but yourself contributed to your college costs? *
During your time in the CSU have you ever had to contribute financially to your family's needs? *
If you did not have to pay for tuition/fees, would you still need to take out loans? *
What is your age?
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What is your gender identity?
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What is your race/ethnicity?
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Please let us know about the greatest financial hurdle you are currently facing, or any other final comments that you would like to share:
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