Show & Tell
Many of us have had our cultural events cancelled where we were planning to share our culture and country with the KU community. We still want to create a space where you can share the best of your country and culture with us though. You can create a video featuring anything you would like, from dance and musical performances, cooking demonstrations, craft demonstrations, or just show us some beautiful photos of your country and tell us about them. You could teach us how to say a few sentences in your native language, or teach us how to perform a dance or sing a song. You could just show us around your neighborhood (if you are at home and able to go outside). Sign up below for what you would like to present and when. We will feature you that day on all of our ISS social media accounts and share it with our campus partner social media accounts.
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What day can you send ISS the video? Note: this will not be the day it will be presented, as we will have to arrange the videos so we don't have too many cooking demos or too many photos all at once. But this is the day you can have it ready by.
After you have created your video on your phone, please send it in a message to the ISS Facebook account at International Support Services at KU. If that's not working, send it to the ISS Programs email at, however we have had some trouble getting videos to upload from email.
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