Mailing List Rental
USPS mailing addresses of selected university press personnel are available for rental.
The Association of University Presses does not provide email addresses.
Lists are available electronically as an excel file or tab separated text.
Lists may be used one time ONLY.
No retention or reproduction is allowed.

Key contacts categories are listed below. There are approximately 150 contacts in each professional area (with fewer in journals). Please note that at many smaller presses, one contact often functions in multiple roles. For example, a financial contact may also head a journals program.

Available lists:

-Design and Production Managers
-Financial Officers

List(s) Price:

AUPresses Member or Partner Company

Single List - $40.00
Two Lists - $50.00
Three Lists - $60.00
All Lists - $70.00

Non-Profit/Non-Member Company

Single List - $50.00
Two Lists - $65.00
Three Lists - $80.00
All Lists - $95.00

Non-Member Commercial Company

Single Lists - $80.00
Two Lists - $100.00
Three Lists - $120.00
All Lists - $140.00
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