PZS 2019 Table Application
Thanks for your interest in tabling at the 19th annual Portland Zine Symposium! This year's Symposium will be taking place on July 20th and 21st at PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art, 511 NW Broadway, Portland, OR).

Please fill out this form to apply to table at this year's event. This year the event will be lightly curated. If you are accepted, we will send you an email notification along with instructions on how to confirm your space and remit payment. PZS will send out our responses mid-May.

If you have any questions please contact us at pdxzines@gmail.com

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Link to your work - This link will be used to review your work, and to link to your work on our website should you be accepted. Feel free to use a social media site, tumblr, instagram, etc if you do not have a personal website. If you have no web presence, just describe your projects in the next question. *
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Is there anyone you would like to sit next to? Include their names and their project names. We will do our best to honor your seating request.
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For a half-table, tabling fees will be $15 for one day, or $25 for both days. For a full-table, tabling fees will be $30 for one day, or $50 for two days. If this is inaccessible or a hardship for you, please let us know below, and mention if you are local, a first-time tabler, or a youth. We are happy to have limited scholarships available for tablers this year.
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Would you like a half-table or full-table (full tables are mostly, for distros or tablers with at least 10 zines) *
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We may have a limited number of slots available for two-day tablers. If so, would you like to table both days? *
The Portland Zine Symposium is dedicated to being a zine and small press event. We require that your table must meet the 75% zines and independently published titles quota. *
This year the Portland Zine Symposium is prioritizing zinesters of color in our table curation process. If you identify as a POC applicant please check below.
Portland Zine Symposium Safer Spaces Policy
Safer Spaces Policy & Tabling Guidelines

The Portland Zine Symposium (PZS) is a volunteer-run organization that is working to serve the entire zine community.

PZS is a safer space, which means that it is intended to be a welcoming, engaging, and supportive environment free of oppressive actions, behaviors, and language. Participants and attendees are asked to consider how their language and behavior impacts others in attendance.

The following guidelines will help PZS be a safer space:

Respect folks physical and emotional boundaries.
Respect folks opinions, beliefs, differing states of being and differing points of view.
Always get explicit verbal consent before touching someone, taking their photo, or crossing other personal boundaries.
Be responsible for your actions, and aware that they may have an effect on others regardless of your original intent.

The following actions and forms of discrimination and abuse will not be tolerated:

Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, religious intolerance, ageism, sizeism, and all other forms of discrimination.
Cultural appropriation.
Theft of money or property.
Physical, verbal, or mental abuse.
Sexual harassment, inappropriate/unwelcome comments and behaviors.
Disruptive or disrespectful behavior.
Causing a participant or attendee to feel distressed or unsafe.

The organizers of PZS will not censor content by previewing material before the event. If individuals find certain materials oppressive, PZS volunteers encourage and invite you to reach out to us regarding problematic materials or behaviors. We will respect the needs of any person raising concerns to us as we address problematic behaviors or language.

Should an issue arise with a participant or attendee before or during the fest, PZS organizers will be available to hear these concerns and attempt to mediate to find a solution that is in the best interests of the community and the event being a safer space. The PZS staff reserves the right to ask any attendees who are violating the safer spaces policy to change or address their unsafe behavior or language. If anyone violating the safer spaces policy is unable to change or address their unsafe behavior or language, they will be asked to not attend or to leave the event.

Thank you for supporting the Portland Zine Symposium in helping to keep PZS a safe event for our community.
Safer Spaces Policy & Tabling Guidelines

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