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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please use this form to sign-up for an EngradePro account to access your child's grades and class websites, and to update your contact information. If you have multiple students at Mother Caroline, you will be able to view them all from a single account; just choose one child to begin the sign-up process.  

Later in the fall we will be introducing a Parent Alert feature that will allow you to sign up for notifications (by text and/or email) for things like progress reports, missing assignments, low test grades, etc.  You will also receive messages that pertain to a particular class or grade when they are sent.  Please indicate on this form if you would like text and/or email alerts.

Once forms have been processed, you will receive a welcome email and further instructions; there will also be links to tutorial videos to help you navigate the site, and we will explore options for onsite tutorials here at MCA if there is demand for those.

If you have questions about EngradePro, you may ask them on this form and/or email aperrault@mcaec.org.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership with us for the success of your child!
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Please use this space to ask any additional questions or make comments; we will respond to you shortly.  If you need to share any other contact information (like updated phone and/or address information), you may do so here.
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