Strange HQ Decelerator Application // Spring 2020
Before applying, please review all details of the Decelerator program via this page:

Applications are due by February 6, 2020.
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Name(s): *
If you are applying as a group, please list all members of the group.
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Are you applying as an individual or collaborative group? *
Tell us about yourself and your work, specifically in terms of how it fits the "Earth 1.0" theme. *
The Spring 2020 Decelerator will support artists, activists, journalists, scientists, designers, organizers, educators, social entrepreneurs, and others whose work centers environmental sustainability, climate justice, and healing for the natural world. As succinctly as possible (250 words or fewer), please explain how your work aligns with this theme:
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Include a few links where we can learn about you and your work: *
If you are applying as a group, we encourage you to share the group's website (if there is one), in addition to the group members' personal websites.
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What are you hoping to focus on while decelerating? *
Give us a sense of the project or vision you'd like to spend time developing while here—and briefly share why participating in the Decelerator program would be particularly meaningful to you and your work at this time.
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We ask Decelerator participants to make an "offering" back to the space. What might you like to contribute? *
For your offering, you could contribute a piece of writing (we are working to build out The Strange's publishing endeavors), cook a shared meal, take on a research project, or propose something else altogether. You do not need to submit fully fleshed-out ideas here—simply indicate what you'd be interested in offering back.
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One-week Decelerator residencies will be offered between April 1—May 31, 2020. Are there any dates in that window that won't work for you?
Feel free to also share your preferred dates here.
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Do you have any needs we should know about?
Let us know if you have any allergies, conditions, accommodation requirements, or other needs we can help with. Please note that at this time, Strange HQ is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Please also note that there are pets (a dog and cat) on the premises.
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What is your transportation situation? *
How did you find out about The Strange's Decelerator program?
If someone in particular referred you to the program, note that here as well.
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Anything else you'd like to share?
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🌿 💻 Thank you for your interest in the Decelerator program.🌲🌙 We will be reaching out to finalists mid-February, and residency dates for selected applicants will be finalized by the end of February. 📚✨
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