Student Innovator of the Year 2018-2019 Application
Please fill out this application as accurately as possible. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please Be familiar with the rules and guidelines of the competition before submitting your name for approval and funding. This application will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Before starting the application process, take time to think about the following categories, these are the main questions we will evaluate for approval:

Executive Summary: Include a description of the product/idea, prototyping process, and why it is innovative (300 words or less)

Origin of Idea: History and personal value, how you thought of the idea.

Impact: What is the impact of your product on society and the community?

Plan of Attack: Describe what you plan to do to ensure that you will be ready to compete in the Preliminary Showcase Event with a physical prototype[1] and sufficient market validation[2] completed. (150 words or less)

Project Needs: Describe what materials, skills, machines and other resources will be needed.

Financial Needs/Bill of Materials: List the anticipated costs (for the above stated needs). If you are not applying for the SIOY funding, and additional funding will be necessary, describe where you will receive those funds (if applying for SIOY funding, and that will be sufficient, make sure that is stated).

Product Sketches: Be prepared to provide a few rough sketches/drawings/calculations/code of your product that will communicate what you are trying to create.

1 - You are expected to have a prototype by competition day if it's a physical product that you are competing with. These should be functional prototypes. however, exceptions can be made depending on the complexity of the product.
2 - This involves talking with potential customers/consumers to receive feedback as to whether this product is actually marketable or just a cool idea (i.e. would someone actually spend their money on it).

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