Bay Access FJ Charter Agreement
1. Vessel Rental. Renter agrees to rent, and Bay Access agrees to rent to Renter, during the Rental Term identified below, the following vessel(s), at the published rate:

2. Rental Term. Renter agrees to rent the vessel for the dates identified below:

3. Delivery of Vessel. Bay Access shall deliver the vessel to Renter at Lakewood Yacht Club, and the vessel shall be in sail-ready condition and inspected by Bay Access or its representative. Renter shall inspect the rented vessel prior to its use and shall be responsible to identify to Bay Access any material damage to the vessel prior to its use. The vessel shall be returned to Lakewood Yacht Club at the end of the rental term.

4. Specific Rules. All vessels must be returned to Lakewood Yacht Club daily for storage, and may not be taken off-premises other than when in use on the waters of Clear Lake or Galveston Bay during any period of rental. If Renter is not a member of Lakewood Yacht Club, then while Renter is on Lakewood Yacht Club premises, Renter shall comply with the Lakewood Yacht Club Rules, as applicable to guests and reciprocal guests.

5. Bay Access Reservation of Rights. Bay Access reserves the right to refuse to rent to anyone who fails to meet any promulgated qualified skipper qualifications established from time to time by Bay Access, or who has violated any safety rules or standards of conduct established from time to time by Bay Access.

6. Damages. Renter shall be responsible for all damages to the rented vessel above and beyond normal usage of the rented vessel. Renter agrees that upon submission of a reservation request.

7. Cancellation terms. Rental fees made will be credited back to Renter, provided cancellations are made at least seven (7) days prior to reservation date. One week's rental will be charged for a late cancellation.

8. Liability Release. The attached participant waiver and release must be signed by the renter and any crew member for any double handed rental vessel (420 or FJ), and delivered to Bay Access with the vessel reservation. Bay Access reserves the right to withhold delivery of the rental vessel to Renter if Bay Access does not have on file an effective participant waiver and release for any crew member.

9. No Assignment. This Agreement is not assignable by renter. However, as to any double handed rental vessel (420), renter's crewmate may use the rental vessel.

10. Acknowledgement / Acceptance of Terms. Renter understands that rented vessels will be inspected by Bay Access or its authorized representatives before and after usage. Renter agrees to accept responsibility for all damage beyond normal boating wear and tear. Renter has read the foregoing conditions, costs, and terms of the rental program, and agrees to abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement.

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