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What is your favorite activity or subject in school?  Why?
Tell me your math autobiography. Have you had positive experiences? Has it been awful? (Don't mention any teacher names, please.) *
What subject makes you think and work the hardest?  Why is it the most challenging? *
Tell me about something that's your favorite, and why you like it. (Favorite food, movie, book, sport, etc.)
What are three things you like to do when you have free time (besides seeing friends)? *
What club, groups, teams, or organizations do you belong to?  
Include both school activities and those not sponsored by the school.
Tell me about a recent event that was memorable in some way.
What is something you would like to accomplish? (What's on your "bucket list"?)
Tell me about an accomplishment that you are proud of.
(A past assignment, project, or achievement in or out of school.)
Tell me about how online learning was for you this past spring. Could you keep up? Was Canvas confusing? Were you able to learn? *
What is something you want Mrs. Bagley to know about you? *
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