EXO-RhymeandReason《Entry Level - Planetary Moderator》 Application
Admins Aqua and Pisces of EXO-RhymeandReason are currently recruiting like-minded, passionate pure EXO-Ls as moderators onto our fan site team.

We are currently seeking Planetary Moderators as follows:

▪️Translation Moderators (Korean/Chinese Language Translators)

▪️Daily Fansite Moderators

▪️Video/Photo Editing Moderators

Please consider all of the requirements and questions seriously.

Please understand that these positions are solely volunteer positions and are therefore unpaid.

You have every right to withdraw this application or from your position as a Planetary Moderator from EXO-RhymeandReason at any time.

As these positions are unpaid, we sincerely appreciate your time and will not ask more of you than you are willing to do.

Please always reach out to your Admins with any and all concerns at any time.

Please email us at adminsaquapisces@exorhymeandreason.com or contact us on Twitter while filling out this application if you have any questions.

We hope to be able welcome as many Planetary Moderators as possible to our team.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Best of luck to all who apply!
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