Application for Restorative Practices Training
Please complete the following form to apply for the upcoming Restorative Practices training on the Monterey campus. Space is very limited for this training and we will do our best to accommodate interest while also ensuring a strong mix of participants from various areas and roles across the Institute community. This training has also been offered on the Middlebury College campus as a component of the Middlebury Restorative Practices initiative launched in 2017. You can learn more about Restorative Practices here:
Monday, November 4th - Wednesday, November 6th
This three-day training will run from 8:30am - 5:00pm each day.
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Are you a faculty member, staff member, or student?
What is your current level of familiarity with Restorative Practices?
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What are your goals for attending this training?
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How might you apply this training in your role at the Institute?
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Thank you for your interest in Restorative Practices!
This application will be open until October 4th, and participants will receive confirmation on or before October 7th.
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