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IMPORTANT- This google form is not for people who just want to write letters and make art. If you are interested in that, DM us and we can connect you with a local chapter that can help you get started with volunteering, but this one is only for LEADERSHIP roles in our organization!!

Hi! It’s Annika & Layla, and we are organizing a project to help elders battle loneliness and the loss of outside interaction due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are collecting letters or any kind of artwork then delivering them to local nursing homes. We started this in our town but decided that we want to help communities not only here but worldwide! We can't do it all alone so that's why we need your help. This is the interest form to become part of our team and start up the project in your town. Again- this is a leadership position and a time commitment, so please only fill out the form if that is something you are interested in.

Here are descriptions of the 5 different leadership roles. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TZXSfDkstBbDEcH8p85MLva--ytL5xRazAdqkhLcdu8/edit?usp=sharing

Unfortunately, many of our chapters are full. If you live within 15 minutes of one of these locations, you can not be a leader, so please don't fill out this form. You can still write them letters though (DM us!). If you live more than 15 minutes away from these locations, you can still sign up to start your own chapter. Please look through the list throughly. It is sorted by state.
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This idea formed because we used to volunteer weekly at a local nursing home. The elder we connected with the most was Rose (pictured below). The first time we met her, her eyes lit up with happiness. She started talking to us immediately about her childhood, life in general, and anything she could think of. This is only one of the many elders that are in nursing homes and need people to talk to. Unfortunately, the in-person volunteering had to end due to the pandemic. This saddened us deeply because we had built strong and meaningful connections with the residents, and looked forward to seeing them. We once saw a resident receive a letter from her daughter, and she started crying because it brought her so much joy to know that someone thought of her. This showed us that the smallest act of kindness for elderly truly does make a difference.
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Follow us on instagram @letters.forrose. Website is lettersforrose.org!
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