Google Form for a Pivot Table
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This is bad news for a pivot table. If you want to summarize the information by each person then allowing them to type in their name will result in inconsistent responses. Bob and Robert will not summarize together. Also you might have more than one Bob. When you want to summarize for name consider a drop down list or asking them to input their ID number which will be more consistent.
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Tip: When you have more than 4 options use dropdown rather than multiple choice. It is still a multiple choice question and excellent for use with Pivot Tables but makes for less scrolling when filling out the Google Form.
What is your favorite time of day?
This is a multiple choice question. By making it multiple choice you ensure that everyone puts their answer in the exact same way. If you allow people to type a response then they will possibly misspell or respond in an unexpected way. Monday and Mnday do not summarize together, they are viewed as different options.
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This is a paragraph question, it is NOT good for pivot tables. Ask away, but when creating your pivot table this will not be the question you summarize.
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How many hours a week do you work?
While this is an open response, I have used data validation to make sure the response is a whole number. It is important when designing your Google Form to consider how to control the types of inputs respondents may utilize and how that might make the data messy
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